Website Maintenance

TCNS delivers website updates on demand.

Update images, text and more. Add, remove, change pages, add, remove change features. When you don't have the time to do it yourself. Or, if you're lucky enough to have in-house IT department, there are still times when you'll find they're too busy to respond fast enough. You may not have access to a qualified professional in your area, you haven't been able to find anyone with a solution to your problem or your original design team is no longer available. In these cases, a full-time dedicated TCNS designer or programmer with experience second to none would be invaluable.

Our website maintenance staff update your website, usually same day depending on the nature of the task. The service is affordable.

We maintain custom-designed sites, CMS like WordPress and everything else in between. We can change a word or add a slide show or shopping cart.

Website maintenance is $150/month, with unlimited changes (minimum 6 months) or pay-as-you-go $120/hr (no minimum).

Service covers all aspects of a website: troubleshooting, problem solving, programming, design, internet promotion / marketing, monitoring, adding / updating features, updating links, image optimizing and resizing, changes to page content and style, copy writing, proofreading, logo redesign, language translation, configuration changes.