Meeting Needs and Exceeding Expectations

DOT CA domains are hosted on the TransCanada Network. TCNS is able to host any domain, anywhere in the world. Customers in Italy are as impressed as our customers in British Columbia. We are now providing service over one of the largest, fastest and most reliable internet pipelines in the world.

Whether you're a Corporation looking to make management of a large number of domains easier or a businessperson or individual wanting to order one or a group of domains for a project, TCNS can manage the domain.

Domain management and hosting is our core business. It doesn't have to be yours. We'll take care of all the back end administration and day-to-day operations for you. We're committed to excellence so you know your domains will be managed with the same care and attention to detail that you'd expect and as if you were managing the domains yourself.

We try to meet your needs and exceed your expectations on every level. You'll have access to our Internet experts who will help you with major decisions about new domain acquisitions, renewals, email, website design, development and deployment. We'll also provide ongoing research on availability and recommendations for domain registrations which relate to your products, services and target market.

Domain management is easy, convenient, sophisticated and automated to professionally manage all domain matters seamlessly. TCNS was the first registration company to make domain and hosting fees payable at the bank like a phone bill. Every method of payment is accepted without surcharge. All major credit cards are accepted online or by fax or by phone, cheques and money orders by mail, purchase orders by mail or by fax or by email, online banking, telephone banking, ATM bill payments, Paypal and eCheques. Billing is set up to remember all your details, even tax exempt status if applicable. We have been registering and hosting domains since the beginning of the world wide web.